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About us

Some words about our COMPANY

Phoenix International was formed in Italy in 1973 in Paderno Franciacorta close to Brescia, thanks to the farsighted vision of a group of young entrepreneurs who wanted to share their expertise and experience in the aluminum extrusion sector. Their mission was to create an independent and innovative company, focused on a core business marked with significant growth potential.
Phoenix later moved to the new premises in Verdello (Bergamo), where it maintained its organization up to the late nineties.
The years between 2000 and 2008 saw the acquisition of competing firms and workshops within large extrusion groups specialized in die production, as well as the finalization of green-field transactions. In February 2016, the company’s original founders and shareholders and the private equity fund sold their stakes to another prestigious fund, rooted in the continent’s major economies, through a transaction carefully planned over time and aimed at anticipating future international scenario.

Discover our management

Over the years, Phoenix has experienced different management styles. At the beginning, the Company was managed by the founders: they were the entrepreneurs that started the Company and improved the business until the end of the last century.
From the new millennium, due to complexity of making business in complicated market environments, the founders have given the Group’s keys to high skilled managers.
Now, the management is quite young for the business and has a huge potential to last for the next decades.

Take a look at our market

Phoenix is traditionally focused on exports: today, over 50% of its turnover is generated on foreign markets, mainly in Europe. Although sales and production resources were originally concentrated in the building sector, with the passing of time demand gradually moved to the industrial sector, and precisely to the mechanical field in general, embracing pneumatics and electronics, as well as the transport sector: high-speed and underground trains, trucks and buses, airplanes.
Today, Phoenix attaches great importance to the automotive sector, which is sharply growing, with intensive research aimed at reducing emissions and weights.


Dies used for extrusion of profiles such as body shapes parts, structural parts of high speed train’s cars, etc.


Dies used for extrusion of profiles with the final destination inside the residential and commercial building. In these last years, the alu-profiles gain a lot of share inside the façades especially in high tech skyscrapers in many worldwide regions.


Dies used for the extrusion of profiles used in this industry to build the structure of the car (bumpers, shock absorbers, anti-intrusion bars, engine supports) in addition to luxury accessories (window frames, internal design).


Dies used for extrusion of profiles in tough alloy (typical 7xxx) such as body shapes parts, structural parts inside wings, etc.


In this macro-area we do consider general mechanical application, electronics, pneumatic, heat exchangers.

Our reasearch and development

Our manufacturing process

Our certification achieved

From the beginning of the Nineties, Phoenix has been an ISO 9001 certified company. It has always been interested in assuring total quality to its customers, with regard to the product, its conformity with the design agreed with the customer, the optimal extrusion of the profile, as well as the required tolerances.
However, quality is also the ability to find alternative solutions more suited to the customer’s needs, the guarantee of competitive lead times and compliance with agreed delivery dates. For Phoenix, all of this is true quality. In July 2019, Phoenix also achieved the two ISO14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001 certifications, which had set itself as a goal.



In line with the transparency policy of the Company and the Group, Phoenix adopted the attached Code of Ethics in 2022. The text, inspired by the values of fairness, legality, professionalism, regulates the activity of the Company and of the Group and of all the actors that are part of it and with which it deals, through the indication of behavioral norms.

The Code is an integral part of the Organization, Management and Control System pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001, which was also approved on 8 February 2022 by the Company Board of Directors.


Phoenix International S.p.A. established channels for reporting violations and irregularities within the Phoenix Group's business activities. Since July 2023, a new platform has been in place which, by means of computerized methods and encryption tools, further guarantees the confidentiality of the identity of the reporting party, of the persons involved and of the content of the report and related documents. The procedure is in line with the regulatory changes introduced by Legislative Decree No. 24 of 10 March 2023 and concerns the protection of persons who report violations of EU law and national regulations.

The channel can be reached directly from the web platform of Whistleblowing managed by Cerved. The platform allows anyone (employees and collaborators, suppliers and any other person who has had business relations with the Company) to report any irregularities.

Focus on our production

Our products meet the highest standards on the market. The product size range is complete and covers from 50mm until 1200mm in diameter in order to ensure extrusion press from 5MN until 120MN. Considering the Aluminum and the Alu-profiles are gaining market share in many industrial sectors due to very light weight - that means low energy consumption - and high possibility in forming different shapes, the most important aluminum sectors.